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Our passion at Body In MOTION is helping YOU achieve life-long, vibrant health. Our proven and fully integrated fitness programs are customized to your personal fitness needs. With over 30 years of combined experience and extensive study with top health and fitness instructors in Chicago, we have the skills to bring you to a new level of fitness. The trainers at Body In MOTION know that life-long fitness is more than just a workout. It’s a way of being. We give you the tools to be your best physically, mentally and spiritually for the rest of your life. At Body In MOTION, we utilize several exercise disciplines to address each client’s unique needs. Body in MOTION believes personal training must be integrated rather than isolated. Meaning integrated training will help you develop your muscles to work together harmoniously as a team so an overall increase in strength, balance, coordination, and power is acheived. There are many factors contributing to a rounded fitness regiment: structural integrity, spinal stability, energy levels, breathing, and balance. We consider all of these factors during your sessions. If your goal is to gain strength, flexibility and speed, or power, our team of professional trainers have the combined experience of 30 years at your disposal. They work as a team to share that knowledge and assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals.

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