Body In Motion Boot Camp

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High Intensity Fitness Programs 

Body In MOTION Boot Camp is a fun and challenging hour where you’ll work out like never before! Our highly trained personal trainers will work your entire body using your own body weight as well as resistance bands and free weights. You’ll feel the difference after just one class!

The basic premise of our high-intensity Boot Camp is to increase the exercise intensity, rather than the exercise duration and frequency. We can exercise hard or we can exercise long, but it’s difficult to do both! With Body in MOTION’s Boot Camp class, our personal trainers make your muscles work harder rather than longer to make strength gains. Due to the greater muscle demands and longer tissue-recovery period, this type of training should be done no more than once a week.

Remember that while strengthening muscles that aren’t utilized as much during sports will improve overall form and avoid imbalances, you should always train in moderation. Body in MOTION’s Boot Camp does not focus on increasing weight during training, but instead is attentive to how your muscles are relaxing. Don’t push them too far or you may be adding too much bulk muscles, which may hinder your technique.

After five sessions you’ll have noticeably higher energy levels and your clothes will fit better. If you want defined abs, lean muscles, and toned arms, this program is just what you’re looking for. Challenge yourself like never before with this high-intensity work out with Body in MOTION.