Indoor Cycling

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Expert Cycling Instructors

Body in MOTION’s indoor cycling class is an intense cardio workout that will improve your overall fitness using varied routines to keep your workout fun and different. Cycling is also a great cross training exercise to keep your muscles in shape and even improve your fitness during the offseason.

Our top-notch instructors will encourage and motivate you along with invigorating music and guided visualization to keep you moving and focused. There are no complicated positions to learn nor does it matter how fit, flexible or coordinated you are; you’ll see and feel the benefits cycling has to offer because you train at your own pace despite being in a group setting. Control the resistance on your bike to make the pedaling easier or more difficult; it is not uncommon to adjust the flywheel throughout the class. How fast or slow you pedal and the way you are positioned on the bike (standing or seated) will also determine the intensity level of your workout. Make sure to adjust all of these factors so cycling feels right for you.

Feel your energy levels increase along with your endurance and stamina. Learn some program fundamentals like heart rate training to help you understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie, burn more calories, tone your legs, increase your strength; all to improve your overall fitness. Come join our energizing atmosphere. Check the class schedule for meeting times. All ability levels are welcome. 

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