Core Training

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Expert Core Training Instructors 

Your body’s core consists of the abdominal and deep back muscles. Core training is important because all movement originates in the core. If the core muscles are weak, your movements on the field or in the gym will be inefficient. Over time this can result in chronic back pain and other sports related injuries. This will also inhibit your ability to progress in other areas of athleticism. If you have experienced a sports related injury, contact us today for a injury rehabilitation exam.

Core training techniques have improved throughout the sports training industries in recent years. Core training is critical for your athletic success. Two most important areas of core training are strength and stability. At Body In MOTION, our personal training instructors believe core strength and stability go hand in hand. The two are crucial for any athlete, and without core training you are at risk for injury. 

Core training has many benefits including: 

  • More functional workouts that translate into daily life activities 
  • Improved performance in sports 
  • Reduction in the risk of injury 
  • Better ability to function each day 
  • Interesting workouts that challenge you in new and different ways 

If you’re ready for the Next Level of fitness and want to lose weight, get in shape and improve your game, call Body In MOTION today to speak with a Certified Personal Trainer and start improving your health and fitness today.