Our Trainers

Sara Miranda, Director of Athletic Performance

Sara is the owner and director of athletic performance at Body In Motion. Her unique approach towards training athletes has set her apart from other trainers. Sara believes movement is medicine for the body. If the athlete cannot properly move, it sets them up for injuries. Sara's training philosophy at Body In Motion is centered around performing 3 bullet proof assessments: a functional movement screening from head to toes, analysis of the soft tissue health, and how your muscles  have been conditioned to recruitment. This collection of data provides valuable information allows us to prevent vulnerable injuries. The combination of working in the physical therapy industry and sport performance environment over the past 20 plus years has allowed Sara to develop a unique approach towards the development of science based injury prevention, peak performance, and post rehabilitation programs. These programs have helped many middle school, high school, division 1 - 3 collegiate athletes, and the pro athletes achieve undeniable success. Lack of proper movement patterns create improper movement dysfunction, soft tissue blockage, and improper muscle firing dysfunction through out the kinetic chain, which sets an athlete up for disaster. Give Sara a call to get started on your quest for an injury resilient body in balance to compete at the top of your game.